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I Need A New Job

One of the next steps in life after redundancy is usually to look for a new job.

If money is tight and you need work immediately there is an argument for looking for part - time work opportunities.

This will hopefully enable you to earn enough money to pay the bills, whilst also allowing you the time to look for your next opportunity.

Take the time to make sure your CV adequately reflects your skills and capabilities - and makes sure you adapt it to suit specific job applications. Ask friends and colleagues to review your CV and ask them to provide input. Better still, ask for professional advice.

The are many specialist recruitment agencies who will not only help you with writing your CV, they will also be aware of the employment opportunities that will suit you.

Use the internet, and let the world know that you are back in the market.

There are several websites where you can post your CV for free.

Employers and recruitment agencies use these webites to search for candidates using search terms, so make sure your CV and covering letter highlights the phrases employers are likely to look for.

Lastly, find out which day is "jobs" day in your local paper and in the national press.

. But you might want to consider other options too, such as retraining, starting you own business, buying an existing business or buying a franchise.  

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